welcome to the beautiful world of ORICON.

In a short span from our inception, we have won many milestones of achievement. Today, paused to take the quantum leap of growth, we envisage ourselves as the Most Preferred brand for those who seek quality, value for money and lifetime of happiness.

In a rapidly evolving world of architectural hardware, the rising star ORICON has well established itself thanks to its impeccable quality and unequivocal designs.

An ensemble of high-caliber aesthetic that comes pre-loaded with top notch quality is an irresistible reason for discerning consumers to vouch for one name only – ORICON.


About Us

Our Philosophy

Deliver more than expectation, and your customer will come back to you only. This is the mantra that we have ingrained into our corporate culture and at every stage we ensure we surpass the conventional limits of expectations - be it material quality, delivery timeline or consumer delight.


After establishing ourselves as prominent brand in domestic markets, we are all set to sail into other territories where quality products are in huge demand. With our expansion plans in action, we are triggering a chain of market acquisition spree with our highly acclaimed products. While we rev up our production capacity, we duly ensure our marketing and service network also grows in harmony.

Driven by Excellence
for Quality Output

At Oricon, our quality principles are set to the highest levels and are at par with the international standards. We believe in delivering only the best to our end consumers and share the resultant glory with the entire family of our dealers.


In order to deliver superlative products, we constantly engage ourselves with the changing trends and promptly adapt the best practices that ensure better results. Our penchant for perfection allows us to incorporate the latest technology for innovation at production assembly. Harnessed with the latest tools, technology and equipment, our manufacturing facility is today become an epicenter of excellence.

Smooth Operating

A faucet that is made with high-quality materials and has a well-designed handle and valve will typically operate smoothly and efficiently.

Long Lasting Faucet

Faucet that is designed to withstand wear and tear and continue to function properly over a long period of time. Faucets made with high-quality materials.

Electroplating Coated

Electroplating is a process that involves coating a metal surface with a thin layer of another metal. The electroplated layer can also improve the durability and corrosion resistance of the faucet.

High Pressure Faucet

High-pressure faucets are typically made with stronger, more durable materials and are designed with features that help them withstand the increased pressure of the water flow.

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